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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner | "Die Brücke"

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

“Die Brücke” (The Bridge) (German, 1880-1938) woodcut, poster for the exhibition for the artists’ group “Die Brücke”, 1910


Koloman Moser

“Mädchenkopf, Ver Sacrum” (Austrian, 1868–1918) cover of Ver Sacrum magazine, 1899

Mario Borgoni | "The Italian Riviera"

Mario Borgoni

“The Italian Riviera” (Italian, 1869-1936) poster of Italian coast, c. 1920’s

Roger Broders | "Antibes"

Roger Broders

“Antibes” (French, 1883-1953) poster of Antibes, France, ca. 1930’s

Mario Borgoni | "Amalfi, Italia"

Mario Borgoni

“Amalfi, Italia” (Italian, 1869-1936) poster of the Amalfi Coast,Italy, 1927

Mario Puppo | "Riva Rorbole, Lago di Garda, Italy"

Mario Puppo

“Riva Torbole” (Italian, 1905-1977) poster, 1940

A.M. Cassandre | "Normandie" French Line

A.M. Cassandre

“Normandie” French Line (French, 1901-1968) poster, 1935

Jean-Gabriel Domergue | "Cote d'Azur"

Jean-Gabriel Domergue

“Cote d’Azur” (French, 1889-1962) travel poster for South of France, c. 1930’s