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Impressionism/Expressionism, Page 2

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner | "Die Brücke"

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

“Die Brücke” (The Bridge) (German, 1880-1938) woodcut, poster for the exhibition for the artists’ group “Die Brücke”, 1910

Fritz Lang | "Metropolis"

Fritz Lang

“Metropolis” (Austrian, 1890-1976) movie still , black & white film directed by Fritz Lang, 1927

Max Beckmann | "Self Portrait in Tuxedo"

Max Beckmann

“Self Portrait in Tuxedo” (German, 1884–1950) oil on canvas, 1927

Gustav Klimt | "Emilie Flöge"

Gustav Klimt

“Emilie Flöge” (Austrian, 1862-1918) oil on canvas, 1902


Koloman Moser

“Mädchenkopf, Ver Sacrum” (Austrian, 1868–1918) cover of Ver Sacrum magazine, 1899

Egon Schiele | "Crouching Nude Girl"

Egon Schiele

“Crouching Nude Girl” (Austrian, 1890-1918) black chalk & gouache on paper, 1914

Gustav Klimt | "Attersee"

Gustav Klimt

“Attersee” (Austrian, 1862-1918) oil on canvas, 1900

Egon Schiele | "Self-portrait with hands on chest"

Egon Schiele

“Self-portrait with hands on chest” (Austrian, 1890-1918) charcoal, watercolour & gouache on paper, 1910

Childe Hassam | "At the Café"

Childe Hassam

“At the Café” (American, 1859-1935) pastel on paper, 1887-89

Vincent van Gogh | "Cafe Terrace at Night"

Vincent van Gogh

“Cafe Terrace at Night” (Dutch, 1853-1890) oil on canvas, 1888

Mary Cassatt | "Autumn" (Lydia Cassatt)

Mary Cassatt

“Autumn” (Lydia Cassatt) (American, 1844-1926) oil on canvas, 1878

Wassily Kandinsky | "Autumn Landscape with Boats"

Wassily Kandinsky

“Autumn Landscape with Boats” (Russian, 1866-1944) oil on board, 1908

Paul Gauguin | "A Farm in Brittany"

Paul Gauguin

“A Farm in Brittany” (French, 1848-1903) oil on canvas, ca. 1894