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Émile Bernard | “Iron Bridges at Asnières”

Émile Bernard

“Iron Bridges at Asnières” (French, 1868-1941) oil on canvas, 1887

J. Alden Weir | "Portrait Of A Young Woman

Julian Alden Weir

“Portrait of A Young Woman” (American, 1852-1919) oil on canvas, 1912


Pierre-Paul Prud’hon

“Female Nude Raising Her Arm” (French, 1758-1823) drawing, black & white chalk, stumped on blue paper, c. 1810-20


Henri Matisse

“Resting Woman Wearing Tiara” (French,1869–1954) drawing, pen & ink, 1936


Charles Bargue

“Torso, Plate 1, No. 56 from ‘Cours de Dessin’ (Drawing Course)” (French, 1826-1883) drawing, charcoal on wove paper, c. 1860’s


Hans Holbein the Younger

“The Daughter of Jacob Meyer” (German, 1497-1543) drawing,  black & colored chalks w/light green wash background on paper, 1525


Edgar Degas

“Nude Woman Crouching, study for Semiramis” (French, 1834-1917) drawing, black chalk heightened w/white on off-white wove paper, c. 1860-62


Pablo Picasso

“Four Ballet Dancers” (Spanish, 1881-1973) drawing, pen & ink, 1925

Frank Lloyd Wright | "Living room from the Little House, Wayzata, Minnesota"

Frank Lloyd Wright

“Living room from the Little House, Wayzata, Minnesota” (American, 1867–1959) interior of Little House, designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, at Met …

William F. Lamb | "Empire State Building"

William F. Lamb

“Empire State Building” (American, 1883-1952) principal architect of the Empire State Building in New York City, 1929–31

Walter Dorwin Teague | "Sparton Table Radio"

Walter Dorwin Teague

“Sparton Table Radio” (American, 1883-1960) industrial designer, radio for Sparks-Withington Co., ca.1936

Hugh Ferriss | "Cityscape"

Hugh Ferriss

“Cityscape” (American, 1889-1962) architectural rendering, black crayon & mixed media on illustration board. ca.1920-30’s

The Budd Company | "The ‪Pioneer Zephyr‬"

The Budd Company

“The ‪Pioneer Zephyr‬” (American, manufacturing company) stainless steel Zephyr train built for Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, 1934