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Art x Art – the idea behind it is to have a clean, well lighted place to look at beautiful art in good proportion and easily, without all the noise and commentary.

art x artists | Gauguin
Select quotes and thoughts by the artist Paul Gauguin from his writings, letters and his journal “Noa Noa”.
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art x artists | Ingres
Select quotes of Ingres  from “Ingres” by Walter Pach. A wonderful book that mainly documents student accounts of Ingres, an artist of the 19th century who’s incredible artistic skills were unusual and still admired today.
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art x websites | some of the best

Here are a few sites that I use as both resources and inspiration.  Though I’m proud of the taste and quality of my images (which I put real work into) and the simplicity of the presentation, my great hope is that you’ll discover artists here you never heard of before. Then become fans of their work and learn more at the libraries, museums or at websites like the ones listed. They aren’t the most fancy or most current in web trends but they get the job done and are very satisfying to visit and explore.

Probably the best art site so far. If you find an artist you like, this is by far the perfect place to enter their name to get links to everything about that artist-from collections in museums, more websites that show their work and image archives and resources around the web. Where does one find more about an artist and fast? A wonder and great source of many of my images. The essential tool for art lovers.

The Athenaeum
Its amazing the work they have done and their enthusiasm about sharing the art and imagery. Definitely make the Athenaeum a go-to stop to see more about an artist you like. They also encourage your involvement in uploading more art for all to share. You could spend days browsing through the great collections they have. Truly, a cool project.

Wikipedia Commons
To be honest, I’m still not sure how navigate around this site (which is a common problem with image archive sites) but its a great resource for creative commons use pictures and to find paintings by particular artists if you use their search engine on the main page. People contribute imagery  to the Commons much like they do Wikipedia. Its clunky but it has a lot of stuff.

Google Art Project
Pretty good site now. Took a while.. but they got much better. Actually has “search” on it now and expanding selection of artists, hi res imagery and coverage. Its finally coming into its  own. I go to it a lot these days.

Pinterest & Tumblr are giving passionate fans a great & tasteful outlet for posting art .

I must add that there are great museum sites out there that are worth the visit like
the Metropolitan Museum of Art , Walters Art Museum and Detroit Institute of the Arts

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